Instagram usage is increasing day by day. After creating their Instagram account, new users interact with their close circles, new people, and brands they know. The Country Email List increase in the use of Instagram is effective in adding new Instagram features to our lives. Instagram is always updating itself, changing and adding new features to its structure. One of the features added to Country Email List Instagram in the recent past is Instagram TV, in short IGTV. Since Instagram TV was first launched, it has become a feature that is used a lot by both Instagram users, content producers, and brands.

Today, it is possible to Country Email List say that while there are millions of people and brands using IGTV effectively, there are still those who do not actively use this feature. In this article called Instagram TV (IGTV) User Guide, we will give you information about IGTV and talk about how you can use this feature of Instagram in digital marketing studies. By reading this article, you can learn more about Instactivelyand use it actively in your digital marketing efforts. Instagram TV ( IGTV) User GuideWhat is IGTV? Instagram TV, which stands for IGTV, is an Instagram feature that allows users to Country Email List share their videos for up to an hour.

Previously, Instagram users could upload 15-second videos in the Country Email List story feature, while they could upload videos of 30 seconds and 1 minute in their profiles, but thanks to the Instagram TV feature, users can now upload their videos for up to 1 hour to Instagram and thus benefit from many advantages. In the Country Email List continuation of our article named Instagram TV ( IGTV) User Guide, we will answer your question about how to use IGTV.