Tactical Awareness: Understand how your opponent plays to anticipate their actions because of this. If it is a fast break game, then employ a high pressing game, but if it is slow breaks, set back more when needed defensively.

Communication: Effective communication among teammates is key to coordinated EA FC 24 Coins wing defense. Use voice commands or in-game communication systems that allow defenders and midfielders to communicate with each other, ensuring everyone stays defensively aligned with what is happening on the pitch.

Patience: Wing defense calls for patience and discipline. Do not commit too early or over-commit in tackles, as they can easily lead to being beaten by skill moves or dribbling. Instead of aimlessly dogging your mark here, wait until just before he makes an intelligent move, and then pounce upon him for a tackle or interception.

Recovery Runs: Of course, there will be situations when your opponents’ wingers will evade your attempts to defend them. In such cases, it is necessary to get back into shape through recovery runs and trackback. Use the sprint button to reduce space and pressure the ball carrier quickly.

Adaptability: Remain adaptable in your defensive approach, adjusting your tactics and positioning based EAFC 24 Coins on the game flow and your opponent's actions. Be ready to change between pressing high up and getting back as required by circumstances, ensuring you keep flexible and versatile when playing defensively.