A self-employed person is a person who carries out some economic or professional activity that generates profits individually. It is important to clarify that as long as some type of invoice is issued, it is necessary to register as a self-employed person at least. In Spain, the number of freelancers year after year has changed very little. There buy business email list have not been too many changes since the beginning of the well-known economic crisis that the country went through since 2008. A CURIOUS FACT: Currently, it is estimated that there are  about 3.2 million self-employed according to the records of the RETA ( Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers ). This is a considerable number of people who carry buy business email list out their economic activities individually. Tutorial: how to register as an online freelancer in Spain? Registering as a freelancer in Spain implies coming into contact with two public institutions that people often confuse as one, but which are two completely separate entities.

The first of these institutions, and the one to which you must go first, is the State Tax Administration Agency , known to all as the Treasury . The second institution is in Social Security or INSS . Although it is often believed that it is unnecessary, today buy business email list it is an obligation for those who wish to start their commercial activities. Let's see what you will need in both cases. 🠖 Treasury The first thing you need to do if you want to become self-employed is to register with buy business email list the Treasury. First of all, what are the requirements you need to register? 1. Fill in form 036 or 037 depending on your case The 036 is a more general model that applies to all possible economic activities. 037 is a slightly more summarized version that applies only to some cases.

You should check which one applies to your case and download them directly from the  Treasury website . how to sign up for freelancers online 2. Determine the headings of the IAE (Tax on Economic buy business email list Activities) that correspond to you These vary depending on the economic activity or profession that you exercise. You can consult them at any time through this link . Keep in mind that the payment of this tax only applies to those who invoice more buy business email list than one million euros . Even so, you will need it to complete forms 036 or 037. 3. Sign up for ROI (Optional) This only applies to those who plan to carry out their economic activity outside of Spain and within the European Economic Community.